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BBBC Post – Day 5 – Ch-ch-ch-changes!!

Posted on: June 18, 2010

Hi Gang!!! Me again back for another go round at this blogging thing.

For those of you that are just joining in now, I have been inspired to return to my blog via the Big Bad Blogger Challenge organized by my dear friend Alicia Chenaux. You can read all about the challenge here.
Today’s topic is blogger’s choice, so I think I’m going to take a moment here to talk about changes and reflections on changes.

“The one thing that stays the same is change.” I don’t know who said that first, but I’m sure it was someone! It has always rung true for me though. When I was younger I embraced and looked forward to change. Sought it out at times even. The funny thing is that now as I’m getting older (and maybe a little wiser too) I kind of like when certain things stay the same. I mean not things like the pair of underwear your wearing, cause that’s just gross. But things like knowing I’m coming home to the same place each night. Knowing that if I log in to Plurk or SL the same group of people will be there to welcome me. Things like these are good with minimal changes.

Lately there have been a lot of changes in my life…both of my lives, Second and First. For one thing, I hardly log in to SL anymore I am very sad to say, and when I do it’s just to pay rent or pass a message to someone. I also seem to Plurk a lot less then I used to in the past. I used to spend hours and hours…and hours on both of these activities, yet now I am hardly in either place. All of this leaves me to wonder…do people notice I’m gone? Am I missed? Did I have any kind of impact at all there?

I also know that my general personality in both places has changed. For the better or for the worse, that’s not for me to say, it’s just different. I know what brought those changes about and I kinda like that. Before I had an intimate relationship with my SL business partner, and we were going to take it further but never did. Then he kinda left SL for various reasons…I still have contact with him, but it left a space there. So I plurked more.

I found that as I plurked more, I was in SL less. Yet I felt a stronger presence to SL through plurk than actually IN SL. I think it’s because in SL I tend to stay cooped up in my house or at my mall. Maybe I go shopping, maybe go to a party, but basically I spend a lot of time in SL on my own. But with Plurk, I’m in constant contact with a whole LOT of SL’ers!!! And I LOVE that!!! I LOVE people!!

I love to meet all kinds of people from all over! It brings me a thrill. I love to meet different people and realize that the more different we think we are the more we are actually the same! I know in SL and in Plurk I had been very outgoing, and flirty, and maybe even a little dirty too. (blush) But heck I was single and loving it! Besides, in FL I am soooo not that outspoken….at least not until I get to know people. You may find this hard to believe but I’m actually kinda shy. LOL

Then I met my current special someone and that’s when things really changed for me personally. I think he sees things in me that I need to be reminded of. He treats me in a way that makes me feel different…in a very good way too. I still don’t know exactly how we made the transition from SL to FL, but we did. Boy am I ever glad that we did!!! He opens up my life to new possibilities, new thoughts, new ideas, new concepts, new places, new culture!! A whole lotta new shall we say!!! LOL!! It’s quite exciting, and quite the adventure. I am sooo ready for it and sooo looking forward to these changes.

So I stop, take a breath, and reflect…SL, FL, Plurk…all things change. I think about my friends in SL and on Plurk. I miss them very much by not logging in as much. I think about them a lot too. One thing that anyone who really knows me can tell you is….I LOVE my friends!!! I would do (and have done) whatever it is that I could to help a friend if they need it. In life it’s your friends that help to carry you through the good and the bad times, so you better dam well be there when they need you too.

It’s funny how you can feel so close to people that you haven’t met in the flesh. That you can feel such a part of their lives just through a silly little “Good Morning Plurkies!!! Here I am what are we doing today?” post on a webpage. When they laugh, I laugh, when they smile I smile, when they cry, I cry. And all this we express to each other through those silly little yellow face guys and maybe a dancing banana or two. 😉 🙂 It’s amazing how much those dancing bananas or a little (cozy) hug can mean when you really need it!

Well, I see I’ve been rambling a bit here, and maybe I went a little off topic too… LOL Oh well! Bottom line…things in life change. Just because I don’t log in as much or don’t leave a comment on your time line, doesn’t mean that your not in my thoughts and on my mind and in my heart. So, if you do see me log in to SL, or you do see me around on Plurk please…feel free to say, “Hey Star! Good to see you again! Glad you’re here.” Or whatever may come to your mind. Point being…reach out…touch a friend…let them know you care. Let them know that even if things in life change, you’re still there for them and know that they will still be there for you too! (cozy) (girlkiss) (heart)

Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!! Have fun kids, and see ya on the grid!!!! MUWAH!!! Xxxxses N Hugz!!!!

~the Changing Star


2 Responses to "BBBC Post – Day 5 – Ch-ch-ch-changes!!"

I actually missed you in plurk lately 😉

Awwwww thank you Zippora!!! I missed you to!! (cozy) (heart) But I have seen you as you comment on other people’s timelines! WOOT!! See you soon!!!



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