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Big Bad Blogger Challenge 2010 (BBBC)

Posted on: June 14, 2010

Hey there y’all!!! I know I haven’t been around for awhile… oh well…been lots going on here, but that’s for another post. Today I’m here because of the Big Bad Blogger Challenge 2010 (BBBC) organized by Alicia Chenaux. Another awesome friend of mine from the wonderful world of SL! WOOT!! You can find out about the challenge here!

Anyway, today’s BBBC question is: Why did you become a blogger? How has it enriched your life?

Hmmmm good question! Well I would think that the first part of that would be to ask….am I a blogger? I have a blog (cause if you’re reading this then you know I have a blog or you couldn’t read it….duuuhhh) But, does having a blog necessarily make you “a blogger”? I don’t necessarily think of myself as a blogger, but maybe that will change if I get more regular with posting to the blog here. I much prefer posting to Plurk….but isn’t Plurk then just another form of blogging? Hmmmmm good questions. So to answer the question of “Why did I become a blogger?” I would have to say that I did it, for the heck of it!

Now, “How has it enriched my life?” This question implies that my life has been enriched by being a blogger. BUT if I don’t consider myself to be a real bonafide blogger then this part of the question would seem to not apply. Hmmmmm… such a quandary here…..maybe accepting this challenge wasn’t such a good idea. LOL But if I rethink the question then I can tell you what HAS enriched my life. My life (First Life that is) has most definitely been enriched by SL and Plurk!!

SL has enriched my life by helping me to discover further who I am, and to feel free to express other aspects of myself that I have kept hidden away until now. It also helped me to become bolder as an individual and more confident too. One of the best things that SL has done for me is to expand my circle of friends and acquaintances!!! I would think that this is the single most BEST thing that SL has done!! I have met sooo many more wonderful people than I could ever have met before!! People from all over the globe….it has been a pure miracle!!! Some of these lovely people that I have met through their SL avatars or their “Plurkatars”, I have been blessed to have met in First Life as well! These meetings to date have been nothing short of heavenly!!! I am truly blessed to know and have met each and every one of them!!! WOOT!!!

Of course there is one other way that SL has enriched my life, and it’s a story that we all have heard before too. It is through Plurk and SL that I have been blessed to meet a brilliant man! A man that has managed to capture my heart and the rest of me too. After many (and i DO mean MANY) years of being single and even giving up on the idea that I would ever have a partner in life. Here he comes….just like my knight in shining armor…. to carry me away to the other side of the world!!! He doesn’t come riding on a horse, but he does come playing a saxophone and making me laugh!!! Oh my God do we laugh!!! That is the greatest gift of all!!

So back to the topic at hand… to blog or not to blog? to be challenged or to not be challenged? I guess that now I can say….”Yes, Alicia! Yes, I AM a blogger!!!” And blogging and SL and Plurk have enriched my lives immensely!!!! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!! Now let’s see if I can do this every day for the rest of the week! LOL

/me sends out big Hugz and Xxxxses to all of her friends in the metaverse!!! See you on the grid sweeties!!! MUWAH!!! Love you all!!!


1 Response to "Big Bad Blogger Challenge 2010 (BBBC)"

Well said sweetheart,
Laughing is one of the most underrated human activities…
Looking forward to your Blog Posts this week..
You’ve got a lot to say… do it !!!
yer Yak

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