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Hi There!  It’s me back again!

Well my partner Sim just gave her first LSL Basic Scripting 101 class as the New Carleon sim in SL and she was a REAL hit!!!  I love u Sim! 😀

There were over 20 people there at one point and everyone seemed real interested.  It was fun to be the administrator for that.  It looks like we will be doing more classes soon too, it was awesome.  We got plenty of good feedback as well.

If you’re interested in attending one of our classes just send me an IM in-world or leave a comment here. 😉  Ok now back to dancing with my sweetie in SL!  Xxxxses y’all!!  Until next time…..


Chilling in SL

Chilling in SL

Hi Gang!

Me again… back for more blogging fun..LOL  Well, I’m here to add the SLURL to BB Land for you all, so you can come visit me in-world.  Here goes: Click the link to see some neat gadgets and cool bots.  Oh and of course me and my partner Sim. 😀  *whispers* be sure to check out the internet cafe on the second floor too. 😉

BTW – Happy Valentines Day!!  *waves and smiles* Xxxses N Hugz to y’all!!!   MUWAH!!

Hi y’all!!  Welcome to the first post of my first blog!  I have no idea how to do this or how it works, but it seems the wave of the future and I’m willing to learn. 🙂  So let’s all have some fun and lets see what cums out here!

You can find me mainly in SecondLife (SL)  where I hang out with my friends and business partner Simon Sugita.  Together we operate BotBabes/Boys MegaMall AI & Robotics.  She scripts, and I make the place look pretty and edit her notecards and manuals.

As soon as I figure out how to add the SLURL here I will. LOL  Until then it is late here on the West Coast of USA, so I better tuck myself into bed.  mmmmmm   Dreamland here I come.

If you have tips, comments, and/or suggestions for me then please feel free to pass them on.  Have fun everyone and remember to always have a smile on your face and a song in your heart and then people won’t mind if you just laid a fart! 😀  See you on the grid!

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